Legal & Accessibility


Reform Restore Respect (RRR) have a Confidentiality and Child Protection Policy in place to safeguard all young people and staff. When working with children and young people the issue of confidentiality becomes particularly critical.

The lack of trust that many children and young people have in the adults around them often makes them see confidentiality in very clear, unambiguous terms. Reform Restore Respect (RRR) can learn from this experience.

Reform Restore Respect (RRR) are great believers that seeking permission from a child, young person, or indeed an adult, to disclose confidential information is a very good starting point for a partnership approach to confidentiality. Such an approach helps the person involved to exercise some control, to make some choices about the actions that professionals take. It also provides a basis for the professional to be answerable for the way they share information. Having such clear expectations also promotes fairness in the way each situation is handled, and openness and honesty are clearly fundamental to the whole process of confidentiality. However, the difficulty is that sometimes confidentiality must be breached by us in cases of alleged child abuse.


If a child discloses something or it is evident they need specific help, it is vital that Reform Restore Respect (RRR) are able to refer them to the appropriate services. Therefore Reform Restore Respect (RRR) holds a database of all registered agencies that provide services to young people aged 11 to 21. In addition we recommend that all agencies work very closely with Empowering Young Prospects.


Reform Restore Respect (RRR) envisage communicating effectively with young people by using relevant communication and life experiences. We are a mobile service, ensuring that we meet with young people in their own environment e.g. youth clubs, schools, faith groups, crime prevention programmes and pupil referral units. We will also mentor and support all young people with personal development plans to help them achieve their plans, goals and ambitions.

Reform Restore Respect (RRR) endeavours to build and develop trusting relationships with the young people that we work with in order to develop an open forum where the young people feel they can express themselves and share personal problems.